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About Us

ALALIGO EDUCATIONAL CONSULT is an Educational Institute registered under the Companies and Allied Act 2023 with incorporation No. 7243155.

She has the aim of enhancing as well as filling up gaps in the education and other general management services allied activities within and outside its metropolis.

The Education and Consultancy Institute, allies with Insitutions, individuals, and cooporate organizations that have recognition and established records in the Education Sector, Research, Administration, Leadership, Management and others to provide Quality Education to her clients.


The Institute partners and works in affiliation with local and internationally recognized or accredited institutions as well as professional regulatory bodies, to adminster educational programmes leading to; award of Professional/ Academic Certicates and Diploma.

We train students and staff personnels for institutions and also train our own personnels to have
networking, knowledge and enrichment opportunities that will enhance self reliance as well as foster personal and professional growth.

We also in ally synergize with other institutions to deliver professional development that will enhance knowledge and skills following International best practices through credit transfers.

We run a research village where scholars can have access to a whole lot of research publications thus staying abreast of the latest developments and trends in education 4.0 and 5.0

Why Choose us

AEC is the right institution because it is pivotal to a transformative educational journey. With AEC accredited programs and state-of-the-art facilities, quality education experience and networking opportunities abound.

Our Mission

To raise through training thousands of future leaders that will be captains of various industries as well as leaders who will be change agents as they rule their world.

Our Vision

To become In 2030, a top notch educational institution that will be recognized in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large and also be acredited by all necessary body that will earn her the appellation of a full flege university.

AEC Admission 2024 Going on

Apply for our various academic programmes on offer for the 2024 academic session.